We Shall Be Done Here Soon

Of course we have been having a whole lot of fun, but we all know that we shall eventually have to surrender to the real world and accept our fate. Right now we are literally living in an endless bachelor party. I am not really sure how, but we ended up with a middle aged stripper for a landlord. She is about thirty five years old and the woman is still really fine. At any rate these betting sites have been up and running for a few weeks, so far without any of the black hat types finding any ways to exploit them. We spent a great deal of effort trying to make sure that people with bad intentions would find them difficult to enjoy. We assume that if we make things hard on them, they will move on and find some other sites where the security was less effective. Obviously they only have to hit the jackpot once and the people doing the security have to win every minute of every day.

The place where we live is sort of insane. The cops never come here for some reason, which makes me think that everyone who lives here must be at the party. I mean you can walk in this place at 7 AM and you will hear music blasting from one of the units. I got up to go to a meeting last week and I got mugged by a pair of half drunk girls who wanted me to drive them to the breakfast diner around the block. They made it sound like they had an offer that I could not refuse and so I decided to send Owen to the meeting. Of course the girls were sound asleep before I got them back to the apartment complex. They did come back to apologize later.

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